Extension at Glenfield Memorial Hall, Leicester

Construction has begun on a local village hall in Leicester…

glenfield taob sign

This project is for a side extension toward the front of the existing hall to provide better facilities. We have been working closely with the client, builder and project manager in order to ensure work started on time and will continue to go on smoothly.

Keep posted to track the progress of this local project!

New Build Dwelling

Remember that project where we were proposing to use sustainable ICF blocks to build rather than traditional methods?

Well, whatever materials are going to be used had better get chosen quickly as the existing dwelling has been demolished ! We’re very excited to see this project break ground.


Keep posted for more updates and images on the progress of this new build family home.

New Build Residential Dwelling

Ground work has commenced on a project we have been working on based in Carlton, Leicestershire.

The existing¬†buildings on site have been demolished and the builder is now setting out the layout of the two new properties on this plot. At The Art of Building we’re very excited to see the work starting and we’ll be keeping a close eye on the progression of the project.Ground WorksKeep posted to see more images and posts regarding the progress of this exciting project!

panram 2